Enjoying a Get-together with my Colleagues

I feel like I have passed my tenure in my previous company lot quicker than I thought. I miss my team, as all my colleagues were so different, crazy, and cool. As the soccer world cup is going on, thought that the right time is just here for a get-together and I invited everyone though a social media site where all my colleagues did accept the invitation.

We all started watching world cup at the Glenwood bar, where more than 20 60” LCDs especially for sports fans. All I thought is that I need to visit this place every once in a week or so. Moving to this neighborhood instead of traveling all the far doesn’t make any sense, moving here saves lots of money in living, traveling and other stuff. The last time when I did that, I managed to sell my house fast. In order to come to join others easily and to enjoy watching sports at the Glenwood Bar, I can take a harmless step of switching my residence. I gotta admit, the environment here is as crazy as I can imagine and watching all the beautiful women looking to hook up doesn’t make anyone want to step out of the bar.

A Sports Bar for all kinds of sports and for all kinds of teams

Glenwood bar is with different colours and genes. You can visit the bar regardless of the sport you watch and team you support, as you can find every sports fan visiting all across the world to join you in one form or the other. The Glenwood bar is spacious as you get to see different kinds of business and sports convention happening with huge crowd.

Glenwood bar is always open and you can contact if you are interested in hosting any event or convention for any kinds of occasion.


Fantasy Soccer Tournaments Now Completely Online

To all our dear customers who are soccer fans:

As you probably know, here at the Glenwood Bar we have monthly contests where you can win real money by betting on your favorite soccer teams. Starting in April, 2014, all of our soccer tournaments are now going to be organized through the amazing fantasy soccer website fantasygol.com If you would like to join our fantasy soccer tournament, create a free account at FantasyGol.com and look for our private group, “The Glenwood Bars Soccer Fans.” Place all of your bets directly in there, or come into the bar and we will help you set up your bets.

Fantasy Football For Real Money

A todos nuestro clientes fanaticos del futbol:

Como probablement sabran, aqui en The Glenwood Bar, tenemos concursos mensuales en los cuales puede ganar dinero de verdad. Comenzando en Abril del 2014, todos nuestros torneos de fantasy futbol seran organizados a travez del website fantasygol.com. Si estas interesado en participar en nuestro torneo privado, crea una cuenta gratuita en el website y busca nuestro grupo privado “The Glenwood Bars Soccer Fans.” Haga todas sus apuestas directamente en ese sitio. Si tienes problemas, nos dudes en visitarnos en el bar y alguien te ayudara a poner tus apuestas.


Host Your Next Bachelor Party at The Glenwood Bar

Let Your Best Friend Have An Affair Without Getting Caught

Hey Dear Fellow Sports Fans,

If one of your friends is getting hitched, come to The Glenwood Bar to celebrate his misfortune with an out of this world bachelor party. Here at the Glenwood Bar we have the most beautiful girls ready to rock your best bud’s world. Watch the game while a sexy sever pours in bottomless beer and tequila shots. Who knows, make this night so unforgettable and he might even enjoy the rest of his marriage. Laugh your pants off watching how our exotic dancers mess with your friend blindfolded and and handcuffed on stage as they welcome him to his new “Married Life”. And for the friends of the groom, you dont have to worry! At The Glenwood Bar, you can behave bad if you want to have an affair with one our beautiful dancers or sexy waitresses, we won’t tell your wife!


Yesterdays Event Was A Hit

Thanks to all out customers who attended yesterdays Mega Business Convention Hosted at The Glenwood Bar. Thanks to you, the even was a great success, and over a million dollars in business orders where generated for Chicago based businesses.

Thanks to our sponsors for hosting such a great event.

Until next year!

The Bar Where Sports Fan Unite

The Glenwood Bar is the go-to bar where fans of all sports come watch the games on our huge flat screen TVs. We have more than 20 60" LCDs so we can tune into all sports events to please fans of every team.

We are open for tapas every day from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Our dinner menu is available from 5:00 to 3:00 AM. Our full bar is always open. If you are interested in hosting an event at the Glenwood Bar, please call us or simply walk in and ask your Hostess.

At the Glenwood Bar, you are welcome regardless what team you root for, or what sport you follow. We have fans from all over the world come to celebrate their team's wins from Sport including Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball and Rugby.

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